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GTX Chassis

GTX Chassis

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The GTX frame is available as a stand-alone option.  What that means to you, is if you currently have a body that you would like to use, odds are good that you will be able to do so with a little creative fiberglass fabrication.  The GTX is designed to use a traditional VW front suspension, as well as a steering box.  Outback is where it gets interesting, as the GTX is designed for you to install the complete drivetrain (Motor and Automatic Transmission) & front suspension from 2006 thru 2010 Chevrolet Cobalt or HHR.  You will also use the shifter & throttle pedal assemblies.

This is a Special-order product only, a shipping or Delivery Fee will need to be applied, please email or call 505-688-7640 for more information on Shipping. 

The fully welded Berrien Buggy GTX Chassis is supplied with the following parts

  1. Front Beam Clamps.
  2. Shifter Mount Assembly, (to use a Chevy Cobalt Shift Unit).
  3. Battery Box-Computer mount (mounts TCU & ECU).
  4. Fuse block mounting plate. (For engine fuses)
  5. Adapter block for mounting OEM vibration mount.
  6. Radiator mount tabs (4).
  7. Integral Rear Bumper.  
  8. All tabs are welded onto the frame for motor mounts (06 – 10 Chevy Cobalt).
  9. All mounts welded onto frame to mount struts & lower control A-arms.
  10. Mounts to frame for tie rods to stabilize & adjust rear-wheel toe in.
  11. Adapter plates to restore proper camber to struts.
  12. Tabs welded to Frame to mount OEM expansion tank.
  13. Tabs welded to frame for rear body mounting.
  14. Tabs for OEM Brake hoses.
  15. 2 tie rods (OEM Ends not included.
  16. Fiberglass Floorpan with Shifter cover.

GTX Chassis Part #- C058 BB352 - $4860.00

GTX + Chassis Part # C058-BB353 - $5463.00


Nostalgia GTX

For technical specifications and more information on the Nostalgia GTX, please click here.

Part Numbers:

  • Standard solid colors - C058-BB307GTX - $ 3287.00
  • Metalflake colors - C058-BB308GTX - $ 3927.00
  • Special Metalflake Colors - TBD

Lancer GTX

For technical specifications and more information on the Lancer GTX

  • Standard solid colors - C058-BB311GTX - $3444.00
  • Metalflake colors C058-BB312GTX - $4248.00
  • Special Metalflake Colors - TBD


Available Parts to make your build a little easier. 

Fuel System Kit - Part Number C030-AC002 - $785.00

Complete fuel system for the GTX or the GTX-Plus.  Kit includes T-1 fuel tank modified for center fill, all fittings, fuel pump, filter-regulator, 20 feet of push lock hose.

Ecotec Coolant Line Kit - $595.00

Kit is produced to keep air out of the coolant lines once everything is installed into the GTX or GTX + Chassis

Emergency Brake Kit - $975.00

Kit is produced so that the GTX & GTX + have an available Emergency brake kit to pass many state inspections.     








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