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We currently have 2\ in Stock right Now!  One Red & One Lime Green

The classic shape that started it all. The NOSTALGIA is our version of an old standard. A 2 seat buggy with room for a jump seat or storage. The NOSTALGIA body mounts on an 80″ wheelbase chassis. The body comes standard with the hood fitted and mounted. Molded-in fiberglass with a durable “gel coat” finish, the NOSTALGIA needs no painting. Choose from a large variety of “standard” colors or for an additional charge add some sparkle with a “metal flake” finish.

The NOSTALGIA can be mounted on a 14 1/2″ shortened, VW beetle, floor pan, but, we suggest you purchase our jig built, square tube, NOSTALGIA frame. Our frame is built with new steel, and makes your build much easier, with a stronger frame, yet still uses standard VW Type-1 components. For more info on the Nostalgia Chassis, click here.

We currently have 2 in Stock right Now!  One Red & One Lime Green

Available In:

  • Gel Coat (Part #C058-BB307) - $1985.00
  • Metal Flake (Part #C058-BB308) - $2535.00 
  • Electric Metal Flake (Part #C058-BB308E) - $2905.00

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