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Roadster T

Roadster T

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What happens when a dune buggy mixes with a T Bucket, street rod ?

This is a custom order part.  

The answer, Berrien Buggy’s by Acme, ROADSTER T.

Built to mount on an 80″ wheelbase (VW shortened 14 1/2″) the ROADSTER T, uses standard dune buggy mechanicals, but gives you the look of a “street rod T bucket” look. Available in 34 beautiful gelcoat colors.

The ROADSTER T can be mounted on a shortened VW pan, however, due to the rearward seating location of the “T bucket” style, the tunnel needs extra modification to move the pedal and shifter mounts rearward approximately 8 1/2″. A drawing providing the correct dimensions is provided. Better yet, purchase our ROADSTER T square tube frame. Designed like our Nostalgia frame, and built on the same jig, the ROADSTER T frame has the pedal mounts, and shifter re located to provide the necessary changes. The fiberglass floor pan which comes standard with the frame is also correct for the ROADSTER T body. Just like the Nostalgia frame, the ROADSTER T frame is built with new steel, on our jig, and accommodates standard VW components. For more info on the ROADSTER T CHASSIS, click here.

Available In:

  • Gel Coat - Part #C058-BB314 - $3904.00
  • Metal Flake - Part #C058-BB314A - $4698.00
  • Special Mix Metalflake Part # CO58-BB314S - $4948.00


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