General Info

  109 Dune Buggies is proud to represent Berrien Buggy by ACME. The Berrien Buggy line up of Fiberglass Bodies & accessories is exciting, and we have more in the works! Berrien Buggy by ACME also manufacturers sandrail frames in configurations from “Knocked Down” weld it yourself to fully welded frames.        

  109 Dune Buggies is a dealer for Berrien Dune Buggies by ACME Car Co. out of New Cumberland, Pennsylvania. In fact, 109 Dune Buggies is the Berrien Buggy dealer farthest West from the manufacture. We are somewhat centrally located here in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. Often times shipping will be far less expensive if you purchase your Berrien Buggy from 109 Dune Buggies. In a lot of cases we can offer to deliver your order to your door. 

  109 Dune Buggies is a family owned & operated LLC Business. Faron & Melissa are credited for organizing the grassroots effort called “Save the Texas Dune Buggy, Sandrail, & Kitcar”.  This effort was able to stand up against the TxDMV who rendered the “Assembled Vehicle” as no longer Street Legal in April of 2014.  Faron and his group were able to overturn the ruling by the TxDMV and “Assembled Vehicles” will now be able to receive legal Title & Registration after April of 2020.  When everything is 100% available there will be a complete write up on how to get your Dune Buggy Legally Title/Registered in Texas. 

  To close, 109 Dune Buggies would love the opportunity to become your choice when it comes to building your Dune Buggy or Sandrail Dream.