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Bubble Side Pods

Bubble Side Pods

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Berrien’s “Bubble” Side Pods offer a completed look and fuller body line to a Nostalgia body. Made from the same durable fiberglass as the body, these pods are easy to mount, and can completely change the look of your Dune Buggy.  Unfortunately, we can only guarantee that Berrien "Bubble" Side pods will fit the Nostalgia body or an original Meyers’ Manx. Available in solid or metal flake. gelcoat colors

Often times we have a set of paintable Bubble Side Pods in stock, if the website shows that we have a set in stock they are paintable & the price is $527.00 plus shipping and handling if applicable.

This is a Special-order product unless you purchase a paintable set, a Shipping or Delivery Fee will need to be applied, please email or call 505-688-7640 for more information on Shipping. 

Nostalgia Standard Colors - Stock Number C058-BB343 - $621.00 

Nostalgia Metal Flake  - Stock Number C058-BB344 - $832.00

Nostalgia Special Mixed Metal Flake - CO58-BB344S - $887.00  

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